A snack = A delicious excuse to teach them that we are part of nature.

We find it surprising that kids still eat food with chemicals.

 We believe that the awareness of parents and kids about a truly 100% natural food, in turn generates awareness for the care of the planet and for all living beings that inhabit it.

Mariana & Moises


For many years we forgot that we are part of nature, taking advantage of the chemical industry to satisfy our daily needs in an "easy and fast" way, not paying attention to all the diseases and pollution that this lifestyle brings us. As a result, billions of people in the world are now part of a vicious circle. 

Copia de watech 6

Bad nutrition.

Bad habits.

Unconsciousness for the planet and living beings.

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Our task is to teach the new generations to live a natural life, to value the planet and every human being around us.

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But like everything in life, this point in which we are now has also left us learning and many positive things. We understood that if millions of people in the world are part of the current problem of pollution of the planet and our lives, the same millions of people are also the solution.

It can all start with a snack.

+ A snack made only from ingredients that grow from the earth.
+ A snack that conveys respect and fun for nature.
+ A nutritious snack.
+ A snack that doesn't pollute.
+ A snack that teaches love.
+ An Ishi Giant